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Overseas Marine Certification Services (OMCS CLASS) provides responsive service to our clients through a global network of exclusive surveyors strategically located on all major ports around the world.  We are ready to provide you service on a moment’s notice.

Our multilingual professionals have been vetted, trained, and approved to conduct class and statutory surveys and issue the relevant certificates. We maintain two main regional offices and over 50 exclusive representative offices at key ports throughout the world in order to ensure that the Society’s full range of services are available 24/7, worldwide.

To provide you with a personal level of customer service, faster response time and greater reliability, our  two regional offices in the middle and far east regions are headed up by senior managers capable of resolving issues on the spot.

With our worldwide presence, we provide more effective and timely services to our customers and serve under the standard 24 / 7, and all under ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Far East Regional Office (FERO)

Overseas Marine Certification Services (OMCS CLASS) began operations in Asia as early as 2004. With the objective of providing better service to its clients in the region, considering the time difference with the Americas, thereby minimizing response time in Asia; OMCS CLASS decided to open our semi-independent regional office.

OMCS CLASS Far East Regional Office is located in Shanghai, China and operates under a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. This certification guarantees uniformity of all of the processes that are used by OMCS CLASS.

In 2010, OMCS CLASS was visited by the auditors of the China Maritime Authority (MSA) to not only verify our capacity to provide appropriate services in China, but also confirm compliance with all existing laws that are applicable to such an organization. As a result, OMCS CLASS formally received approval from the MSA as a recognized organization, which enables it to operate throughout China. OMCS CLASS now makes a difference not only by providing quality service to its clients based on technical and managerial experience of its staff, but in a fast and efficient response to all requests.

MSA China Maritime Authority (MSA) Stage Two Approval

ABS FERO ISO 9001:2008 Certification

World Wide Offices



Middle East Regional Office (MERO)

In 2008, OMCS CLASS successfully opened a Regional Middle East Office located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with the clear objective of providing real-time and timely service to its customers. OMCS CLASS Middle East Regional Office is duly approved and licensed to provide ship classification and statutory certification services by the Dubai Maritime City Authority. This regional office is an example of a true icon of progress and development in maritime world of the Middle East.

For us, everything falls under the concept that client satisfaction and quality service is our primary and our only objective and we are here to serve you always with promptness, reliability and high professionalism.

Dubai Maritime City

Dubai Maritime City Authority License

European Regional Office (EURO)

In 2013, OMCS CLASS opened a European Regional Office in Las Palmas, Spain, in order to benefit with the strategic location, cater our European clients and the emerging West African market.

South America Regional Office (SARO)

In early 2015, OMCS CLASS  opened a regional office in South America, strategically located in Asuncion, Paraguay, with the purpose of serve our customers with products tailored to the South American market needs, providing efficient and timely legal certification, consultancy and advice. We maintain a significant presence in the Parana - Paraguay River (Waterway), through our surveyors who are strategically located in the major ports of Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Brazil.

African Regional Office (AFRO)

Due to the growth of the marine market in Africa, OMCS CLASS  decided at the beginning of 2016 to establish a new regional office in Lagos, Nigeria. This new location offers an extensive range of technical services and solution in the fields of certification, conformity, assessment, consulting, among others. The Nigerian office is supported by naval architects and experts ready to provide you with a personal level of customer service, faster response time and domestic knowledge.


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